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What do Icicles Hanging From Your Roof Mean?

Written by on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 1:35 pm

Homes in Winter -

This winter has seen more snow fall in Central Oregon than we have had for several years. Although beautiful, it can also be hazardous for driving and can create problems for Bend real estate. Among the most noticeable issue we have observed is a great number of icicles hanging from roofs. These are indicators of problems with your Bend home. Icicles form when snow accumulates on your roof and then melts. If your attic has insufficient insulation or improper ventilation so that your attic becomes warm, this will heat the roof and cause the snow to melt.  As it melts, the water flows towards gutters or the edge of the roof where it freezes again, forming icicles. Experts advise against knocking these icicles off, as this may break the gutter and can cause injury to the homeowner as chunks of ice can be very heavy and dangerous.

Icicles can also be an indicator of ice dams, which form when the ice continues to backup on the roof and the snow melt water from the heated attic gets under the shingles. This can cause a water leak into the home and can lead to significant water damage inside.

Solutions to Icicles and Ice Dams -

The best way to stop icicles and ice dams from forming is to evaluate the insulation in your attic. The colder you can make your attic through adding insulation and attic ventilation, the better it will be to keep ice dams and icicles from forming. Blocking all crevices in the attic where heat from the room below may be escaping, adding insulation and potentially adding attic ventilation will all help significantly with the reduction in icicles and ice dams - plus has the added value of making your home more energy efficient and cutting back on heating and cooling costs.  Other ideas involve removing snow on the roof with a snow rake; however, care must be made to avoid falls and electrical wires. Another idea can include placing old nylon stockings filled with snow melt over an ice dam to melt the dam and create a channel for the water to run off.

Spring will come, but in the meantime, keeping your home warm and safe through the rest of the winter is a goal every Bend homeowner should have. And keeping icicles and ice dams to a minimum is part of this. 

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